The Tabernacle is Amongst Us

Concerning Mir Izgadda the Divine Messenger, a new message was given on 16 December 2020:

To the Remnant, the Father of Greatness has said, “I have sent My Tabernacle unto the earth in a vessel of flesh, but not flesh, in the image of a man, but not man. He shall give you good news for your individual needs. He shall prepare you for your homes which are being created in the Kingdom of Light. Izgadda is My Son and thus My image. He is the Messenger for your era. I have sent Him into the earth for your benefit. Seek Him out and take hold of His shawl. He will unite My people as one, under the one Good Religion — the Religion of Light, without schism, and without divisiveness. Hear His instructions, for they are the instructions that I have given to Him.

There is a lot of important information in this latest message. You can read the full message here.

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