Complete Faith in the Divine Messenger

Jehovih’s people worship Jehovih the Creator alone, and no lords or gods under Him.

The Divine Messenger, known as Mir Izgadda, says: “If you have complete faith in me, by the power of the Father of Greatness, you will be brought safely across the raging river, to the other side where peace awaits you”. There is a lot in this short quote for us to digest. Some detractors of Jehovih’s worshippers might even claim that we worship the Divine Messenger, but such an accusation is false as will be explained.

We have faith in the Voice of Jehovih. Mir Izgadda, a son of Jehovih, never tells us to worship him, but rather, he always points to the All-Father. Mir Izgadda speaks as the Voice of Jehovih.

The “raging river” is “uz”, the term used in the Oahspe Bible to refer to the world and its inhabitants. The terms “uz” and “corpor” can refer to the chaos and systems adopted by ignorant humankind who have no faith in the Creator. By putting our faith in the instructions provided through Jehovih’s messenger (His son) we have a solid foundation upon which we can walk without fear. We can think of Jehovih’s Voice (His messenger) as a bridge “to the other side where peace awaits” us.

In another quote, we read: “Meditate upon the teachings, upon the image of the Messenger and see the Father in the face of the one He has sent in this age, and you will receive peace”. This is a verse which detractors of our faith use to claim that we worship Mir Izgadda. The fact is, however, we look upon the face of Mir Izgadda the Divine Messenger, because in him we find the qualities of our Father in heaven, and learn, through meditation, more about the Virtues. This is why we look to him to hear what Jehovih has to say to us, both individually and as a family united by a single covenant.