Marriage, Circumcision, Menses

Marrying unbelievers and those outside the Remnant is prohibited. If a devotee is already married to someone who is not a believer or a member of the covenant, the devotee (if he or she remains in good standing with the congregation) may remain within the Covenant.

Circumcision of males is encouraged, but not required in the United Covenant regardless of your Spiritual Community. Female circumcision, which is actually mutilation, is common in some countries. My devotees shall consider female circumcision as abuse and as such, it is forbidden.

During her menses, a woman should not prepare bread or wine for the Holy Meal. Furthermore, she should not gather with the congregation until her menses is complete. The spouse of the woman must practice patience with her during this time. Fasting is not required during menses. Sexual intercourse is also forbidden during this time. After the menses is complete the woman should undergo a ritual bath.