Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

The use of mind-altering drugs that have not been prescribed [for example, illegal street drugs] is forbidden for all devotees. Devotees who are suffering from extreme pain due to chronic illness or injury may, at the advice of his or her physician, obtain a prescription for pain medications, including marijuana. The Teacher of Righteousness and the Teacher of Light physically suffer for the sins of the Remnant, but they may not take any mind-altering drugs that may relieve such suffering.

A small amount of wine may be used for the Holy Meal [Qurbana], and a small amount of alcohol may be used in cooking certain dishes. Hearers are not forbidden from drinking alcohol in moderation. With the exception of the Holy Meal, those of the Elect are not permitted to consume alcohol; neither are they permitted to use tobacco products. [this includes electronic and/or vaping devices]