Among the various texts considered sacred within the United Covenant include this Book of Instructions. Remnant members faithfully live according to all the words of Mir Izgadda.

Fr. Shamon and Fr. Petros, priests in the United Covenant, have kindly provided translations.

Other sections currently under construction:

  • Entering the Covenant
  • Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
  • Congregational and Home Altars
  • Lectionary of the United Covenant
  • Breaking the Covenant
  • Priests, Deacons and Eremitics in the United Covenant (PDF, draft. Last updated 14 January 2021) This document is subject to change as it remains under consideration for finalisation.

The Ten Divine Maxims

  1. You shall worship the One God and not commit yourself to the worship of idols; you shall not bow down to physical objects or ideals in order to worship them.
  2. You shall not be dishonest in your ways.
  3. You shall not be greedy.
  4. You shall not murder a man, a woman or a child, neither shall you abort an infant; and you shall not commit to the unnecessary killing of any life including animals and plants.
  5. You shall not be unfaithful to your spouse or commit any form of sexual misconduct.
  6. You shall not commit theft.
  7. You shall not deceive someone in order to mislead them.
  8. You shall not practice magic.
  9. You shall not commit hypocrisy in your ways.
  10. You shall seek peace and be fair to all regardless of a person’s ethnicity, colour, nationality, religious beliefs, gender or sexuality.

Mount Hara Magazine

Mount Hara, named after Hara Berezaiti (the abode of Mir Izgadda), is a free magazine provided to the Remnant with articles and other items for the encouragement of members and to assist in maintaining faith, commentary on the Scriptures, news and updates from other members and world affairs, and other interesting items. The magazine is in digital and limited print format. While the magazine is not “secret,” it is intended for the Remnant. The first issue is scheduled for publication in March 2021.