This website serves as the official information portal for members of the United Covenant and those of the public who are interested in our faith.

To learn more about the instructions or directions concerning the Covenant, you can access the Instructions page.

There are two levels of membership within the United Covenant. The first level is “Observer” and the second is “Remnant”. The Observer is one who agrees to and practices all the principles of the Covenant (which includes all the Instructions). The second level is Remnant and includes all those who have been faithful Observers from other spiritual communities for several years. This second level is only open by invitation by Mir Izgadda Himself. No one can “pay” for membership. If you have been a member of one of the spiritual communities of the Religion of Light for a few years, and have not yet received an invitation, please be patient.

If you agree with the Covenant and practice the principles to the best of your ability, you are automatically considered as an Observer.

The difference between the Remnant and the Observers is that Mir Izgadda speaks directly to the Remnant through prayer, writing and other forms of communication. Current and potential members of the Remnant were already chosen by the Divine Messenger years ago, some even before their birth. The invitations to become part of the United Covenant began to go out on the evening of 21 December 2020. As for the Observers, they are those who only recently became aware of the Covenant. Instead of direct communication with the Messenger, the Observers may read some of Mir Izgadda’s messages and teachings through this website and by watching and listening to videos made by the UC-ROL Association.

Institutes of the Religion of Light do not solicit donations from the public. Remnant members are aware of their obligation as outlined in the Scriptures to provide alms, tithes and general offerings. No member of the clergy receives a salary.

While we share our faith and encourage all members to do the same, we do not seek to gain members. It is our belief that the Creator will call certain individuals to His covenant. The Remnant is very small and it will likely remain as such until the Eternal Creator decides otherwise. The duty of the Messenger in this era is to assist in perfecting the Remnant in the Virtues for their future work in the celestial worlds and to provide a message of hope to the Observers.

If you are a member of the Remnant within the United Covenant, we have an online group that has been established for discussions among Remnant members who have access to the internet. We do not use other social media platforms for the Covenant. Members should not start pages or online groups on social media outlets without first seeking permission from the UC-ROL Committee. Permission for creating pages or groups on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube will not be granted at this time. If you wish to create a page in another language or for a special purpose outside of the already established online group, please ask permission. We will provide a few simple guidelines required for creating and operating a group designed for Remnant members.

We currently have videos hosted on Rumble. You can access these at https://rumble.com/c/c-406965.

via email. At this time we can receive communications in Aramaic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Syriac, and various other languages.